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Illinois Coverage Basics

Illinois Appellate Court Rejects “Non-Trivial Probability of Excess Judgment” Test for Conflict of Interest

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Insurer vs. Insurer:  Extracontractual Recovery in Illinois

 Link to:  Insurance Coverage Basics Newsletter (April 2018)

Illinois Appellate Court Adds Further Refinements to the Duty to Defend Additional Insureds

 Link to:  Insurance Coverage Basics Newsletter (March 2017)

Illinois Appellate Court Answers Two Important Questions about Coverage for Additional Insureds

 Link to: Insurance Coverage Basics Newsletter (January, 2016)

The Duty to Defend Requires More than Retaining Counsel for the Insured – A Breach May Result in the Insurer’s Liability for a Judgment in Excess of Policy Limits

Can an Insured Settle a Claim without Its Insurer’s Consent and Force the Insurer to Pay?

Illinois Courts Remain Conflicted about Whether Primary Insurers Owe Excess Insurers a Duty of Good Faith to Settle Claims

More Signs of a Favorable Trend in Illinois Duty to Defend Rulings: More Courts are Willing to Look Past Frivolous Negligence Allegations to Defeat Duty to Defend

Illinois Appellate Court Takes Another Big Step toward a More Rational Duty to Defend Standard in State Farm v. Young

Illinois Appellate Court Creates a New Exception to the Targeted Tender Rule

Really? Seventh Circuit Holds Insurer Has First-Dollar Defense Obligation under Policy with $100,000 Self-Insured Retention

How to Stop Interest from Growing on Illinois Judgments: Good Faith Efforts to Comply with the Judgment Interest Statute Mean Nothing without a Perfect Tender of Judgment

Illinois Appellate Court Holds That a Liability Insurer May Owe a Duty to Defend to an Entity That Does Not Qualify as an Insured

Learning to Recognize Conflicts of Interest: a Critical Prerequisite for Preserving Coverage Defenses